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Some 73 youngsters from the BDVS project areas came to the Patna administrative office for a series of trainings.

BDVS organised two rounds of leadership training programme for the Dalit youth leaders at BDVS administrative office Patna. In the first four- day residential training, held from 18th to 21st April 2017 saw 35 youths from 20 different Panchayats of Bihar participating.

Fr. Steve and Sr. Leena, who are specialized in training, consultation and other developmental subjects led the group in a friendly way. They facilitated the trainees understand leadership and its qualities, ways of becoming effective community based leaders. The participants were helped in acknowledging their skills and abilities through different exercises, game and sports, energizes and moral videos.

The second round of the training was from 21st till 23rd May 2017. Here, 38 youth leaders participated.

It was interactive training aiming at developing leadership quality of youth leaders of the panchayat level youth resource centres. This training helped youths to follow a correct leadership model, reduce conflict and promote unity and Dalit integrity.

The methodology used was group discussion, games and theories.


  • To contribute towards the ability, knowledge and feasibility of the youth leaders to lead.
  • To enable them to know that being a leader is a responsibility.
  • To enable them to become aware of major aspects of leadership.
  • To enable them know types of leadership qualities, of leadership, skills of leadership and efficiency of leadership.
  • To enable them understand how to tackle difficulties/conflicts arise while leading a group.
  • To enable them to know how to motivate every member to achieve a goal.
  • To make them realize the role of personalised vision/ objective to make the Youth Group successful.

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