Obituary of The founding father of Bihar Dalit Vikas Samiti, Dr. Fr. Jose Kananaikil
…A Movement by the Dalits towards claiming freedom, equality, justice, and dignity…
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We dream of a just society- a society in which the Dalits can live with justice, equality and dignity.


To realize this dream, we feel called upon to join the Dalits in their struggle to create a just society and make it strong.


In order to achieve this mission, we have chosen the following over all objectives: To strengthen Dalit unity and solidarity by empowering them socially, economically and politically and by eradicating all forms of injustice and discrimination against them.


  1. To strengthen Human Rights Advocacy for Dalits through documentation, networking and cooperation ensuring legal information and legal rights.
  2. To work for government policy change to improve educational facilities for the Dalits especially at the primary educational level.
  3. To work in collaboration with others for improving health facilities for Dalits with special focus on HIV/AIDS.
  4. To work for improving basic amenities for Dalits (drinking water, health facilities, primary education, housing, etc.)
  5. To work in collaboration with other agencies to improve and strengthen Dalit economy with access to economic resources. Just wages, jobs and income generation activities.
  6. To promote gender equality and create gender sensitive society.
  7. To empower Dalits in order to enable them to participate effectively in local governance and Panchayat Raj institutions.


  1. To form and strengthen three levels (tola, ward, and panchayat) organizational units for men, women, and youth in panchayats and to give them training in leadership and electoral process.
  2. To collect data on human rights violation in the project area and to promote women’s rights through advocacy, public meetings, legal training, and rallies.
  3. To promote primary education in the project area especially through complementary educational centers with community participation.
  4. To promote health awareness programmes, cleanliness campaigns, HIV/AIDS awareness programmes.
  5. To improve Dalit economy with access to economic resources (just wages, jobs) and income generation activities.
  6. To promote gender equality and equal wages for women and men.
  7. To promote equal participation of women in local self-governance.

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