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Two days Youth Goal Setting Orientation Training

Youth are the strength of the society. They are energetic and enthusiastic. Looking to the emerging need of strengthening dalit youths to strive towards justice and peace building BDVS had organized two days goal setting orientation training program at our BDVS Patna administrative office for youths of different Districts of Bihar. At least 120 youths from 25 Panchayat Youth Resource Centers (a part of Ambedkar Yuva Manch) had participated.

The main purpose of this workshop was to facilitate community youth to keep some time to analyze the status of their progress and development also to realize the need of fixing a strategy to face the ground realities. An-other purpose of this workshop was to fix a goal and some objectives for 25 Panchayat Youth Resource Centers in terms of their regularity, home work, time management, arrangements for sitting together, preparation for the general competition, rapport building and so on.

The workshop was started on 05/07/2016 morning with lighting the lamp and a devotional dance by the young girls. Then the introduction speech was shared by the Fr. Anto Joseph S.J., Director of B.D.V.S. He focused on the need of leadership among community youth and their personality development. He also focused on the ownership of the Panchayat Youth Resource Centers. Following to him Fr. Sushil Builung S.J. had taken a session where he tried to penetrate on process and the need of fixing a goal in life and community as a whole.

In these workshops we tried to motivate youths to think for their future and to set the goal of life. We tried to present the goal, objectives, structure and the need of establishing Panchayat Youth Resource Centers.

On 06-07-2016 we have started with the yoga and they feel refresh. In full session we have only focused on need of our youths. What is our needs, who will fulfill these needs, what should you will do to fulfill these needs. They have the group discussion and they all have found that no one can fulfill this needs accept they themselves. Only youth can fulfill these needs.

Panchayat Youth Resource Centers is the one of the way to achieve their need and they have to come forward for it. From each Panchayat’s leader were present the plan that how they will lead the PYRC because these centers have to be run by themselves only.

In the last, we have given one full set of books in all 25 Panchayats for general competition exams. Youths were motivated and inspired by thorough activities in these workshops.

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