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Tree Plantation Programme

BDVS conducted a tree and shrub plantation program in 28 schools. Around 4500 children, 90 teachers, 130 school management committee members and 95 parents participated in these schools. These schools were from Barh, Barbigha and Samastipur. In some of these schools there were special invitees. There were 10 special invitees. Each child brought their plants for plantation. BDVS also contributed number of plants to each school.

Comments given by different schools
  • It is a very good programme run by BDVS organization, and I hope in the future course of action it will be continued . It is eco-friendly concept and very good for humanity. It is the only solution to for our survival and that of the planet so we should continue and make aware others towards it. So the show must go on.
  • With tree plantation the environment will become pure. We are planting trees in the northern part of the school. This will save the northern bank of the school from erosion and also provide clean air.
  • A lot of good work has been done from the viewpoint of environment through this program. Teachers and children were made aware. These kinds of program should be conducted every month. Every one will be enthusiastic.
  • Trees are essential for our lives our life can continue only because of plants and trees. Without them our life will become very difficult. It is very important to plant trees in our country and every citizen should plant one tree a year.
  • BDVS has organised a tree plantation program at medium School Jagdishpur the girls and boys as well as all the teachers took part in the program. The teachers of the block shared many important ideas because human beings get many benefit from trees which also keep the environment clean.
  • In the present scenario plantation is really important for the environment and people. Considering this need BDVS conducted a plantation program which is really a service to mankind and they also informed about the conservation of plants. Students and teachers participated in it with enthusiasm.
  • BDVS Barbigha had conducted plantation program that was really to be appreciated. Plantation program is very important for purification of environment and balancing of environment. I am very thankful to BDVS for conducting this program.
  • Plantation leads to purification of environment. It also adds to the beauty of school. From the viewpoint of school and environment plantation is good.
  • Program that was conducted by BDVS ended well. It brought energy in the students. Plantation balances the environment. These types of program should be done every month.
  • This type of program brings enthusiasm and energy in the students. They also help in bringing a balance to the environment.
  • We appreciate the program that is organised by the BDVS. This program made the children aware of the benefits they get from the trees. They learnt to plant more and more trees and control the pollution. This type of program should be conducted in future.
  • Students and teachers of the block planted plants. This program has a lot of benefits. We get woods from the trees. These help in making furniture and the most important is that it purifies our environment. Trees gives shade to the people. Keeping these in mind the Block Education Officer advised to have a plantation program so that people are not deprived of its benefits.
  • This program was really praiseworthy. If the block and BDVS takes care of the plants properly and put fence around the plants then their growth will properly take place.
  • This type of program should be conducted every month in future. It ended well, from the viewpoint of environment it was laudable. This has made Bihar proud.
  • The program that was conducted by BDVS was praiseworthy. After this program I would advice that it is very important to take care of the plants otherwise it will return back to the previous situation.
  • Trees are really beneficial, without plants and green trees we survive.
  • Environment conservation and the togetherness of the youth will bring happiness as a result.


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