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Shaping Dalit Leaders of Tomorrow: BDVS personality Development Workshop

The campaign for the right to education must translate into visible and measurable public pressure that ensures the delivery of quality education. The replication and sustainability of this demand must go beyond the duration of the campaign.

To a great extent, the responsibility for ensuring that the young children will continue to remain within the school system, rests with the young adults and energetic local youth from the target communities.
The members of the Dalit communities, who have been historically suppressed, need to be empowered enough to put their demands before the authorities, whether it is at the school level or at block and district level.

Specific Objectives

To enable the participants to:
  • Discover who they really are
  • Be aware of their belief-system
  • Be aware of their behavioural patterns
  • Be aware of major personality types
  • Learn a few tools of self-awareness, self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Be aware of strengths and shadows
  • Discover earliest childhood experiences, negatively influencing their personality today and to heal such experiences
  • Achieve confidence to articulate and communicate
  • Be aware of body language
  • Be aware of significant persons influencing their personality
  • Understand major components of an enlightened, free, and confident personality
  • Deliver a speech without fear and inhibition
  • Discover their values as an important component of their personality

Bihar Dalit Vikas Samiti therefore organised a holistic personality development initiative: a course with input sessions, meditation, healing exercises as well as established psychological tests on certain components of human personality.

The leaders of a community should be enlightened, free, dignified, confident, and articulate. Ambedkar Yuva Manch members from various villages in the project area were invited to attend this program.

A six-day residential Personality Development Program was organised by the BDVS from 13 August to 17 August in BDVS administrative office (Patna).

Dr (Fr)Anto Joseph the director of BDVS, along with specialists from Atmadarshan: Fr Abe, Fr Joe Kootinal and Fr Sushil conducted this workshop.

There were 48 participants for this program, aged 17 to 22 years. They were from many villages in Samastipur, Barbigha, Barh and Munger.

General objective of this exercise was to enhance Self-awareness, self-confidence and self-esteem. They focussed on methods to enable youth to form an enlightened, free, dignified, confident, articulate and endearing personality.

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