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Residential training for English, Arithmetic’s and Reasoning

BDVS organised a residential training workshop on English, Arithmetic and Reasoningfor 15 days in the BDVS administrative office Patna. The workshop started from 22nd April, 2018 and ended on 6th May, 2018. About 55 students studying in classes 5th and 6th in different Govt. schools of Khagaria district of Bihar participated in the program.

This workshop focussed on three subjects English, Arithmetic and Reasoning. English classes were handled by Sr. Sushma and Sr. Thomas. Arithmetic and Reasoning classes were taught by Mr. Prakash, Mr. Rahul, Ms. Gudiya and Ms. Seema.

The students were divided into groups according to their knowledge and understanding. Weekly assessments were taken based on their classes.

The main objectives of this training:

  • To make the participants competent in Math, English and Reasoning.
  • Motivate children to excel in academic.
  • To teach moral values and ethics of life.
  • Develop leadership quality in the children.
  • To enhance hidden talents throughextra-curricular activities.
BDVS also provided the basic necessities to the children such as teaching and learning materials- copies, pens pencils, eraser and sharpeners etc.

Proper arrangements were made for their physical needs such as healthy and nutritious food, lodging and recreational activities. Most importantly proper timetable was made to control the everyday activities.

The children were taken for an excursion to Sanjay Gandhi Botanical Garden and to the Science Museum.

These students came from the Five Children Resource Centres working at Khagaria district. These centers cater to the educational needs of children from 16 nearby villages. Six teachers were recruited to train the children.

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