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Now we have sufficient food to eat

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Chandrashekhar Kumar aged 20 of Gowada in Kharagpur emotionally expressed about the changing life through the project . At the age of 18 years I started working. My father was the only bread earner of my family. I have two elder brothers but after marriage they got separated. We were hopeless and helpless because we had no alternative source of income to fulfil the basic needs of family, neither had landed property.

Due to poverty and low income my mother broke down emotionally as well as physically. During this critical juncture I had stand up to take care of my family. On the other hand I had to continue my studies. I started doing labor work to run the family. Through labor work every day I used to earn Rs 100 to Rs 150. This was hand to mouth for us. Meanwhile my two younger sister’s got married. For the marriage expenses we had to borrow money.

During this storming hours I came in touch with youth group (Ambedkar yuva Manch) in our village which is formed by BDVS. Considering my realistic problem BDVS supported me Ambedkar Yuva Manch through with Rs 10000/ to extend my chicken selling shop. This was turning point for my life. Now every day, I earn Rs 450 to Rs 500/as profit.

Our living standard has improved a lot. Everyday we get three sufficient meals to eat. Even if there is no bank balance but no more going to bed hungry. I am also continuing my education. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the youth group and the BDVS.

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