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  1. On 10th March 2018, second set of computers has been given to the Ambedkar Youth Resource Centres.
  2. On 7th May 2018 one day workshop on Panchayat Resource mapping was organised by BDVS at BDVS administrative office. This workshop saw 24 participants. .
  3. BDVS organised a one day workshop on Panchayats need and assessment on10th May 2018 at BDVS administrative office, Patna. 21 participants were there in the workshop. .
  4. BDVS organised a two day (22nd May & 23rd May) workshop on Social mapping at BDVS administrative office, Patna. 33 members of Ambedkar Yuva Manch participated in the workshop. .
  5. BDVS organised a motor driving training (4 wheeler) from 18th June to 27th June. 14 participants were there in the training. Om Sai Ram Motor Training Centre facilitated the training. .
  6. Unit level one day workshop on time management and group studies
    Date Unit Name Participants
    23th March Patory 30
    27th March Kharakpur 25
    22th MarchJhajha 20
    24th March Barbigha 20
  7. Detergent and phenol making One day training was organised on detergent and phenol making at the unit level.
    DateUnit Name Participants
    18th March Jhajha 16
    20th March Patory 20
    19th MarchBarh 22
    24th March Kharakpur 15

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