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Leadership training conducted at Kosi

Three days of leadership training were conducted in Khagariya by Kosi Dalit Vikas Samiti (KDVS). It was conducted from 2nd to 4th January2017. Totalnumbers of participants were 70 students. The training was organized at Red Cross society.

Objective of the training was:
  • To create understanding of leadership among students.
  • To help them to understand the potentiality of a good leader in student.
  • Motivate to think big and develop positive thinking.
  • To take initiative and develop leadership quality right from their schooling.

Inputs given in the training:
Activity 1: Story of an eagle: to know oneself and whom am I
Activity 2: Writing down of good qualities they have.
Activity 3: Sharing in the groups and acknowledging good qualities each one have.
Activity 4: Games for keeping big goal and dreaming to be big.
Activity 5: qualities of good leaders and discussion on the life of great leaders.
Activity 6: Group discussion and sharing from their life where they have taken initiative to be a leader
Activity 7: Keeping Goal in the life and planning to follow it.
This training was well organized and successful. Students took active part in this training. The training was filled with different activities and well supported be all the staffs. Students came to know about good qualities they have. They were very inspired to know about the life of some great leaders. They were also told have their goal in the life. After that the resource person helped them how to follow their dream. Children were taught how to study well. They were advised about time management and study effectively.

At the end Students were requested take initiative in the home, school and the society and become a good leader.

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