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47 Girls urged to rejoin School

Several girls from the marginalised sections of society find it very difficult to survive within the school system, and hence they are forced to drop out. Forty seven such girls were invited to the BDVS administrative office to participate in a training programme. The objective of this programme was to motivate these girls to pick up their studies and to join back to school once again.The aim of this program was to enrol these girls back to school.

The training program for the dropout girls was held from 5th December to 9th December in BDVS Patna administrative office. 47participants attended.

The participants learnt basic people skills such as how to introduce themselves and their friends. Social analysis, importance of education, prevailing condition of girls in home, village and society, their limitations and barriers and issue of gender discrimination were also explored as part of the training.

They saw three motivational videos including a documentary ‘Aprajita’ to show the importance of education in girls and motivate them to study.

The program also dealt with the issues of ‘ importance of myself’, health and hygiene including the changes that is seen in adolescence, mensuration cycle and self-cleanliness. They learnt songs such as ‘ Manmani Karenge hum aaj khud se ye vada kiya’ ,‘ Aagan ki chiriya fir firaana’ and ‘Muh see jeena paungi jara sab se ye keh do’ .

To make the participants confident and informed; they were also told about the Children’s rights that at home, school and society.

A twelve year old Dhanmanti Kumari, from Rahuaa (Khagaria) was one of the participants who came for five days of training. Her farther NagoSada is a farmer and mother Geeta Devi is a housemaker. She has three brothers and two sisters.

Dhanmanti was a student of a VidhyalayRahuaa(Khagaria). She left her school after 7th because the distance of the school was very far from her house.

She wants to become a teacher and now she is going to Laxmi Kendra , (Complementary Education Centre) at Rahua village, Khagaria to study.

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