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Future stars of Ambedkar Prerna Kendra begin to shine

Bihar Dalit Vikas Samiti organized a residential training programme for the children of Ambedkar Prerna Kendra. The Kendras serve as supplementary education cum activity centres for the Dalit children in the project area.

The selected children from the project areas of Samastipur, Barh and Barbigha district arrived on the evening of 16th June at the BDVS administrative centre.

The purpose of the training is to enable the children to grasp social reality and to understand and identify with the Dalit icon and chief framer of the Constitution of India, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar.

The sessions on the 17th began with the garlanding of a photograph of Bhimrao Ambedkar, and with the traditional lighting of the lamp in the presence of BDVS Director Fr Anto Joseph SJ, trainers, and the staff members.

Children were sang a song with the theme of ‘Baba Ambedkar’. They also made small speeches about Dr Ambedkar. Appreciating their effort, the BDVS director also added to their knowledge about the great man, his struggles and life style, and above all his goal of in life.

The children repeated slogans on Ambedkar, which would be useful during activities to be conducted in the APKs.

Fr. Anto motivated them in different games, one of which was a method to stand in a line according to height, the children were interested to do it and had a lot of fun and learning.

After the tea break, well known social activist and past president of PUCL (people’s Union for Civil Liberties) Dr. Philip Manthara conducted an inspiring session with the youngsters. He spoke about Mahatma Gandhi and his values. The children were encouraged to think about the standpoints of the two stalwarts of nation building. Dr Manthara interacted with them. One exercise he gave was to count steps of the BDVS office building. The seminal question that the children answered was, how many steps does one need to take to reach one’s goal? With this activity he made them to understand about life and its ups and downs, as well.

The afternoon session was on motivation, and on setting aims and goals of life. There were audio-visual presentations which the children thoroughly enjoyed. Video clippings were shown and children were divided into groups to discuss the short clips, and note down the steps needed to reach their aim, each group would have to identify 10 steps each.

An outing to Tarumitra bio-reserve was the next item, and an excited troupe of kids happily explored the bio reserve at Digha. They found out the names and uses of trees, and the staff there talked to them on the environment, its protection, and how children can safe guard nature by planting trees and caring for plants and trees.

On the 18th, sessions dealt with further motivation and leadership training through talks, exercises, and games. A group game, ‘to find out the leader among the group’ continued with the topic on leadership, presented the qualities of leadership (like being role models, leading by example and not command, etc.)

Picking up from the previous day, the group leaders made their presentations on their ‘aim in life and the steps they would take to achieve it’

    They main points put forward were:
  • Self confidence
  • Self determination
  • Regular study
  • Hard work
  • Fidelity
  • Sincerity
  • Good behaviour
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
The children were reminded that the main aim of the Ambedkar Prerna Kendra is to achieve ‘Quality Education’ and in order to achieve it the schools would have to deliver quality. Since the students are the most in number in the schools, it is also the duty of the students to study hard and develop their own quality.

A mock rally was organized by the children around the premises of the BDVS administrative building, where they showcased their prowess coining and chanting slogans of Ambedkar and education.

The valedictory and closing of the training saw an enthusiastic team of kids getting ready to inspire their peers back home in their villages.

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