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First State level Workshop

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State level workshop was held on 12th and 13th March at BDVS administrative office Patna. 40 Lok Manch staff and community leaders participated in the workshop. They were from 2units Bihar- Koshi Dalit Vikas Samiti, Bihar Dalit Vikas Samiti, Mithlanchal Dalit Vikas Samiti, Jeev Dhara social service society and from Magadh unit – Manthan, Aasha Kiran, Rural Development Centre, Jeevan Sangam and Dalit Mukti Mission

The objective of the workshop was to develop election awareness training module. During the training Mr Rajiv Kumar, Bihar Election Watch officer was the facilitator of the workshop.

During the two hours of input session he described about the election process, Indian democracy and importance of casting vote. He also explained about various platforms such as social media, election commission website and application. He talked regarding malpractices during election.

After workshop related material was provided to the Lok Manch Staff Community leaders and they also developed a module on the basis of input given by Mr. Rajiv.

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