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BDVS Youths evaluate their progress

On January 2017 Youths of five units of BDVS gathered in their respective units to evaluate their progress in the year 2016 to 2017. BDVS organised unit level one day workshop to evaluate the progress of the YRCs and to set goals for 2017. The core objectives were as follows
  1. Helping to ensure that stipulated objectives are met
  2. Identifying successes
  3. Identifying problems and weakness so they can be rectified
  4. Guiding future plans
Near about 400 youths participated in this program. The evaluation findings are as follows
  • 26 panchayat youth resource centers are established
  • Near about 1037 youths are organised
  • 20 youths have got government jobs
  • 230 youths have applied for government jobs
  • Nearly 500 youths are regularly sitting at the village level and nearly 600 youths are sitting at the panchayat level twice in a week.
  • Normal activities of YRCs are as follows
  • Study
  • SET practice
  • Solving sample papers
  • Weekly exam
  • Monthly exam
  • Monthly meeting
  • Accessing job openings, magazines, news papers etc
  • Discussion on community problems
  • Helping poor to get suitable govt welfare facilities
  • Appearing exams

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