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BDVS Training of Teachers at government schools (TOT)

In the month of November, training for government school teachers was conducted at different schools. It was well planned and executed. Two trainers were called to give training to government teachers at different schools. The date, schools, time and place were decided well in advance. The objective and purpose of the training were discussed with trainers.

The main objective of this training:
      To make them aware about quality education needed in the schools.
      To make them aware about present situation of education in Bihar.
      To make them aware about their roles and responsibility.
      To motivate and put positive thoughts so that they become an effective teachers.
Training was conducted in different schools at different dates. The details of the training and number of participants are given in the table below:

Teachers training conducted at different schools


Date of training

Name of Schools


Total participants



Utkramit Madhiya Vidyalay Pachiyari Malahi





Utkramit Madhya Vidyalay Dungri





Utkramit Madiya Vidyalay Saksohra



Major impact and result of this training:

At all the places, the training was conducted for three hours. Trainers were very practical in approach while conducting the training. They discussed various aspect of teaching in very simple but effective ways.

It was mostly in form of Focus Group Discussions where teachers were allowed to share the real problem they are facing. After listening to their problems trainers asked them to discuss the solution for them. Then they were encouraged and appreciated for the work in which they are involved.

They were advised not to lose heart and run away from roles and responsibility. They were told about government approach regarding quality education. Some of the creative teaching skills were suggested to them so that they could manage their class room effectively. Importance of time was discussed with them.

Building Dalit awareness on various issues has been one of the basic involvements of Bihar Dalit Vikas Samiti. Realizing the need to create awareness among Dalits on education of girl children, BDVS has been organizing awareness programs at various places in its intervention areas. One such awareness drive was organized at Haveli Kharagpur. Children from the non formal centers took out a rally with meaningful posters giving the message of the right to education to girls, very particularly, the need for education of Dalit girls. A large number of villagers witnessed the rally as it passed through the alleys of various villages. The children also raised slogans demanding their right to education. The ‘prabhari’, animators, teacher, and students actively participated in this awareness drive. We hope that the attempt has created some awareness among the villagers.

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